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The Coffeebar Concept

Bold, Bad Ass Hospitalians

Coffeebar is the fuel that propels you throughout your day. Inspired by the Italian coffeebar culture, we believe we are Hospitalians first, baristas and chefs second. Making people feel good is our M.O. Founded in Truckee, CA in 2010, Coffeebar was built off of over two decades of coffee industry knowledge. But at the end of the day, we're only as good as the next cup we make.



Greg Buchheister

“Nothing that is easy is ever worth doing."

Some of the best coffee plants come from being grown in the mountains at high altitudes - more struggle, more pressure, more challenges create a stronger, complex crop. Founder Greg Buchheister was raised on the mountains. As a champion ski racer in Winter Park, Colorado he learned his life lessons on the slopes: the constant pursuit of excellence, the rewards of taking risks, that luck favors the prepared, and that sometimes to open doors, you just have to take the sledgehammer to the wall yourself. In 1998, while skiing and working in an Italian restaurant, Greg created his own opportunities by importing coffee from Italy, first as wholesale and then by opening cafés. In two decades, he had opened twenty coffee concepts in Colorado, California and Nevada.

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Community is the family YOU choose

Free of pretence. Full of Heart!

In early 2010, after fifteen years in the industry, it was time to do coffee differently. After a trip to India (yes, India) Buchheister hit the open road in search of the perfect spot for his new concept. He landed in Truckee, California, an area he loved visiting over the years to see his ski racing friends. Coffeebar was born in October 2010 on a back street in Truckee in an old tin garage. With its rustic modern design and a strong belief in local, high quality food and sustainable practices, Coffeebar transformed Jibboom Street into a bustling haven for the community of Tahoe’s North Shore. But nothing that is easy is ever worth doing and challenges are where you grow. After three bad winters and the constant seasonal swings in Tahoe, it was time to expand into a more consistent market. Nestled in Midtown, Coffeebar Reno opened in early 2014 and has since become an institution to the neighborhood and the Reno community as a whole. “We brought specialty coffee to Reno in a way that it hadn’t been executed before. Free of pretension and full of heart,” says Buchheister. Coffeebar continues to grow, expanding to cafes in Squaw Valley, Menlo Park and Redwood City, a bakery in Truckee and a roastery in Midtown Reno. Each location with its own character has been built with the same heart and principles of hospitality, excellence, and a strive for continuous improvement. “We are only as good as the day we are open,” says Buchheister. “But looking back on 20 years in the coffee business, Coffeebar is definitely my hit record."

We believe fettuccini makes the perfect stir stick.


Never break a sweat.

Sprezzatura is the art of making something difficult seem effortless and easy. It’s the invisible hand of a gracious Hospitalian that seamlessly executes a perfect meal, a delicious cup of coffee and a great experience with grace and charm. The Italians call it culture. Magicians call it magic. We call it our special sauce.


Local & Global Sustainability

Caring for each other and our shared home isn’t just our job as Hospitalians, it’s our job as humans. We have a great responsibility to treat our guests, employees, vendors and producers fairly and respectfully, all while keeping a watchful eye on our environment. We plan to be around for your grandchildren’s grandchildren.

Giving Back

Going Full Circle

With the awareness of the daily footprint coffee shops leave behind, we do our best to minimize that through sustainable business practices including responsibly sourcing our coffee, partnering with local farms and businesses, and giving back our coffee grounds and food waste to the farms to feed the soil.


Our Ethos

You belong here.
We’re only as good as the next cup we make.
We’re Hospitalians first, baristas and chefs second.
Everything should be made from scratch and with love.
Latte art makes your coffee taste better.
Community is the family you choose.
Our job is connecting the dots from farmer to guest.
Fettuccini makes the perfect stir stick.
There’s a brew for every time of day.
Greg Buchheister - Founder & CEO

"We are now using paper cups that have 40% less plastic, designed to be recycled into paper products."

Coffeebar USA, Baby
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Coffeebar USA, Baby
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Coffeebar USA, Baby