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Giuseppe Leone

Coffee is Connection

For most of us this holiday season, behind our face masks, social bubbles and mountains of takeout boxes, lies a longing for human connection. We’re not talking pixels on a screen; we’re talking soul-igniting, heartwarming, fire-in-your-belly connection.


Even if we can’t physically hand off your drink, give you a high five or envelop you in a hug, at Coffeebar we are always striving to make you feel good, whether you’re six feet or 6,000 miles away. Like most things in 2020, holiday cheer just looks a little different.

While we search for the tiniest semblance of comfort in video calls, social media and an entire season of The Crown on Netflix, sending a real! physical! thing to family and friends this season feels a bit like giving a warm hug. It’s not only the act of giving a gift, but also the impact your purchase has on the community of people behind it, all of whom are weathering the economic, social, and environmental storms we’ve all faced this year. 

Our Feliz holiday blend is unarguably a favorite for gifting. Its crowd pleasing flavor makes our heart flutter. But that’s not the only reason why you should be sending a bag to Grandma.  

In a time of economic uncertainty, you can feel good that you’re putting your money where your values are. To create this blend, we relied on connections we’ve intentionally forged over the years with overarching ideas of sustainability in mind. Specifically, connections to three small cooperatives in Guatemala: San Miguel Escobar, Ija’tz and La Suiza. Our bond to these producers has been actively nurtured over time through our vertical sourcing program. Today, we are lucky enough to call them producer partners. Lucky because they are producing increasingly high quality coffees as a result of hands-on connections to their crafts. This dedication will in turn have a long-lasting effect on their families and communities. You can read more about the Feliz blend and these cooperatives here.

Don Maximo, former President of the cooperative in La Suiza, giving the Coffeebar crew a tour of his farm.


Speaking of luck, it’s fortunate that we even have the option to maintain our close connections at origin in the midst of all that’s going on in the world. Not just with our Feliz blend partners, but all of the producers we’ve worked with this year. With tourism at a standstill and many roasters all over the world unable to keep their heads above water, the future is looking shaky for small-scale producers. 

We commit to doing what we love - connecting the dots from farmer to guest - by doing the work at origin for as long as you enjoy drinking coffee. And we hope their stories make your morning cup even more gratifying. 

Share the stories of these hard working producers by sending a bag of Feliz or coffee subscription to anyone and everyone you will miss connecting with this month, whether it’s loved ones, coworkers, or essential workers in your community. In doing so we hope that you feel real good. It all starts and ends with meaningful connections.

By Kristina Tuason

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