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David Wilson

Hand Roasted, Vertically Sourced | Evolution Of Our Coffee Program

Hand Roasted. Vertically Sourced.


The concept by which all of our coffees are created. Where quality goes hand-in-hand with intentional sourcing, long-term partnerships with producers and importers, and a genuine commitment to origin. We source our coffee this way to share and honor its full story – from farmer to importer to guest – and to be a part of the journey as its local roaster and brewer.

We are proud to be serving you this coffee - from our house blends to our Vertical Reserve single origin offerings - all roasted in-house, excited to announce the addition of the Coffeebar Roastery in Midtown Reno, and grateful we get to share the evolution our coffee story with you ... Enjoy!



So what is this all about?


For years now, Coffeebar has created an incredible cafe atmosphere, with a high-level service model and a focus on a quality product. With the launch of our house roasted blends, we now have the opportunity to take that level of quality even further. Much in the same way that we carefully curate our seasonal food menu, our coffee blends are now created and roasted all in-house. We now have ability to roast the coffee that our guests have always loved in a more sustainable way. 

This evolution to Coffeebar's coffee program means that we not only have control of the coffee that we serve in the cafe, but also the roasting of that coffee, the selection of the coffees we use, and in some cases, a level of involvement all the way back to the farm where the coffee is grown. In fact, our ability to source the coffee ourselves is one of the most exciting parts of this change. We already have direct connections to farmers in Guatemala (the Manuel Gomez Natural on currently on retail is from a farmer David has worked alongside for the past couple of years), as well as close connections with importers around the world. We plan to increase the number of these connections as we expand our program, as well as deepening our involvement company-wide with the work happening at origin.


Formerly A19 - House Italian Roast

Our classic dark roast, this coffee is a crowd pleaser keeping up with Coffeebar's Italian traditions. Strong enough for adventure-filled summer days and chilly wake-me-up winter nights. This coffee blend is great with cream and sugar as well as straight black. A bold blend, typically composed of four to five seasonally rotating components. Currently these are Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, and Ethiopia. 

Named after our beloved lion mascot, Giuseppe, this coffee bag design is inspired by Coffeebar’s beginnings and our Italian roots. For those who don’t know the tale (no pun intended), Giuseppe came to our owner, Greg, in a dream when Coffeebar was still just an idea. A dream of a warrior battling a giant lion, finally conquering it with a spear, but always honoring the lion and the challenge that it presented. This dream’s parallels to the story of Hercules and Leo and are the inspiration for the constellation design. 


Formerly Gran Turismo - House Espresso Blend

A medium-dark roast, designed to be the perfect complement to milk, but also stand alone as an enjoyable shot. This blend will typically consist of three rotating components. Currently these are a Mexico, a Guatemala, and a natural-processed Ethiopia. The Guatemalan coffee in the blend comes to us from a cooperative in western Guatemala that we will be working directly with this Fall 2018.

Our reimagined brand for our espresso is inspired by our Truckee-Tahoe origins and the west winds that blow over the Sierra Nevada Mountains. “Zephyr” has much significance to our fearless leader of Coffeebar, Greg. A zephyr is a soft gentle breeze, named after the Greek god of the West Winds. It has ties to the Buchheister family as the Zephyr Express chairlift that took our owner up the mountains in his ski racing days, the California Zephyr train that tied his wife's hometown from Chicago to California, and, of course, our favorite 2-year-old goober. Like espresso that pushes you throughout the day, this design is inspired by the flowing movement of wind rolling over the mountains.

Prima Donna

Formerly Morte Prima - House Decaf Blend

For those to kick ass for caffeine! Our house decaf blend, is used in all Coffeebar locations as our decaf espresso. A dark, balanced blend with notes of salted caramel, walnut, cinnamon. It pairs well with milk and make beautiful lattes. 

Inspired by Coffeebar’s fiercest ladies and diehard decaf drinkers, the Prima Donna was born. Meaning “Leading Lady” in Italian, the name and skeleton coffee bag design is a play off of the original Morte Prima (“Death Before”). Making decaf sexy, our pinup skeleton lady is for those too kick ass for caffeine. Other ties to Coffeebar in this design are the lion skull and sprigs of lavender, a nod to our signature decaf lavender lattes. 

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