Feliz Holiday Blend

This holiday we share with you a special blend from three partner cooperatives of De la Gente and Coffeebar: San Miguel Escobar, Ija'tz, and La Suiza. We thank you for welcoming us to their farms and homes this year and giving us the gift of coffee. 
12oz. bag - whole bean

Feliz Holiday Blend

The Story

We created this year’s holiday blend with the goal of sharing more of the story of our work at origin. Guatemala holds a special connection for us and has been in a way the start of Coffeebar’s journey to ‘Vertical Sourcing,’ a more intentional methodology for our green coffee purchasing, tied in to our ever-expanding roasting program. This blend is a result of those connections. The coffee all comes to us through the importer De la Gente, a non-profit organization based outside of Antigua, Guatemala, and represents three of their partner cooperatives:

San Miguel Escobar- a cooperative based outside of Antigua, Guatemala, in the Ciudad Vieja. The office of De la Gente is in the same community, and Coffeebar’s Director of Coffee David Wilson spent a year there, working with De la Gente and alongside the producers of this cooperative

Ija’tz- a cooperative based on the shores of Lake Atitlan, in a Kaqchikel speaking region. The cooperative has a small processing mill in San Lucas Toliman, and sells specialty coffee through De la Gente, including more recent experimental natural and honey processed lots.

La Suiza- a community in the more rural western region of San Marcos, where eight members of the Coffeebar team experienced coffee production at origin this past fall, working alongside the cooperative members. This community is off the grid, and Coffeebar has been involved in a project to bring a solar array to the community via our connections through De la Gente.

This year has seen the beginning of Coffeebar’s journey into sourcing and roasting our own coffee, and thus taking control of our product in a way we were previously unable to do. A big part of that move revolved around the desire to be more intentional with our sourcing, and to be able to ensure that our buying power allowed us to have a positive impact all the way back to origin. Impactful investment, with the goal of creating a more economically sustainable model across the entirety of the supply chain. Our work in Guatemala is the first step in the development of that process. A big step, if we may say so ourselves, and we’re excited to be able to serve this year’s Holiday Blend as a testament both to our goals, and to the incredible work of our partners at origin, the members of the San Miguel Escobar, Ija’tz, and La Suiza cooperatives.


David Wilson - Director of Coffee

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