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Giuseppe Leone

The Debut of Coffeebar McCarran!

The new Coffeebar on South McCarran has opened its doors!

We’re excited to elevate the coffee scene in Northwest Reno, and the welcome we’re receiving is pretty gratifying. For those of you playing along at home, it’s our third location in the Biggest Little City, and the ninth addition to the Coffeebar family.

Coffeebar McCarran sits just below I-80 and Home Depot in the Monte Vista business park and weighs in at a generous 3500 square feet. The huge patio offers plenty of tables, too. Walls of windows and roll-up glass doors create a bright, open space that’s designed to inspire connection over connectivity. No one will scold you for firing up your laptop, of course, but we’ll do our best to distract you from it. 

Coffeebar McCarran is a big canvas. With its openness and light, it inspired a “sculpture garden” vision. And the art-filled interior is an unabashed love letter to SteamPunk and Burning Man, showcasing the creativity and talent that’s helped put Reno on the map. It’s designed to bring people together in conversation.

Inspired by our lion mascot, the handsome Leo constellation mural behind the counter is just the beginning of the expression we’ve invited from local artists and makers. There are oversized Playa tricycle sculptures. A bank of vintage mailboxes doubles as lockers for cell phones (in case you want to reconnect with other humans—or just yourself). 


We’re also excited to continue our creative collaboration with Cline, of Roundwood Furniture. Cline aims for a dreamlike aesthetic that invites the imagination to take the reins—a kind of artistic “choose your own adventure”. 

The quirky assemblage-cum-room divider (affectionately dubbed “The Time Machine”) that greets you as you enter is an homage to technology past. It might feel like an oversized, grown-up version of the “busy board” you had as a toddler. (It’s definitely getting a tiny thumbs up from our smallest customers, who figure out which parts can be moved well before the adults do.)


“It’s close-to-our-heart, functional artwork that speaks to the space and the clientele,” Cline says, but we think you may just describe it as awesome. 


Unmistakably Reno, inspired by Italy.


Coffeebar McCarran is a high desert version of the community cafes of Italy that our founder Greg fell in love with as a collegiate ski racer. So in addition to wonderful coffee—fresh from the team at our Roastery in Midtown Reno—there’s a food menu to accompany everything from your morning cuppa, lunch, and afternoon pick-me-up. 


Our bakers will make sure you don’t escape without something to tempt your sweet tooth, from an oatmeal cardamom cookie or ginger scone to a fabulously flaky croissant. And for your after-work unwinding pleasure, there’s beer and wine, the latter blended for us in (where else?) Italy. If your reality needs to be augmented, we think it’s done best with a glass of Chianti or a great local IPA.  

But we’re especially enthusiastic about our newest addition—Neapolitan-style pizza. We recently acquired Food & Drink, (now re-christened Doppo) which is lauded for having Reno’s best pizza—voted #12 in Yelp’s Top 100 Restaurants in the US for 2021. 

Aw, Ciocchezze! (That’s ‘shucks’ in Italian) 

That now-legendary housemade dough will be delivered daily to Coffeebar McCarran. So you’ll be able to enjoy a hot, freshly baked pie from lunchtime til closing. (Pizza not yet available - coming soon!)


“We’ve finally got the space to carry out that original dawn-to-dusk cafe vision, the one that inspired Coffeebar from the very beginning,” Greg says. 


Space to Meet & Space to Learn

There are other inspirations for Coffeebar McCarran too. We’ve included a bright and welcoming meeting and event space, centering around an amazing conference table from Roundwood Furniture, built from what Cline dubs “high character wood”. The table can be separated into four separate tables for (literal!) breakout sessions. 

With tons of natural light, vaulted ceilings, and a roll-up glass door, our event space is a refreshing change from soul-crushing, bland windowless conference rooms. Just leave the catering to us, and enjoy your event. 

The cafe will also serve as a launchpad for public coffee education, including tastings for new coffee releases, brew-at-home classes for coffee enthusiasts, and professional barista certifications. Our goal is to create a space where our guests can engage more deeply with our coffee, and continue to build on Reno/Tahoe's small-but-mighty specialty coffee culture.

Consider this your invitation to bring your self and your senses to experience the very real and very delicious delights that are the handiwork of our baristas, bakers, and chefs. But even moreso, come and experience the warm hospitality of kind-hearted humans.

The metaverse will wait. We promise.

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