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Our Vertical Reserve - U Sai Wan Maing

Our first coffee from the country of Myanmar, we are excited to share this rare, natural processed coffee from U Sai Wan Maing.


A proud partnership between U Sai Wan Maing of Green Land Coffee Estate, Mandalay Coffee Group, Atlas Coffee Importers, and Coffeebar.

This coffee is the first of our partnership with Atlas Coffee Importers. Atlas are a specialty importer based in Seattle, and are one of the first to invest in specialty coffee production in Myanmar (also known as Burma). This coffee represents many of the layers of their investment in country. U Sai Wan Maing (“Oo Sigh Wan Maing”) is the name of the producer who produced this microlot. As well as developing his own experimental microlots, Sai Wan is the owner of Green Land Coffee Estate, and has been instrumental in the development and export of specialty coffee from Myanmar. Currently he serves as Vice Chairman of the Myanmar Coffee Association.

This particular coffee is shade grown on Sai Wan’s estate, and is an early experiment with natural processing (drying the coffee bean within the fruit). Atlas’s close involvement and long-term connections in Myanmar have allowed them to work with producers like Sai Wan to create new and diverse products for the specialty market.

We’re proud to be partnered with them and U Sai Wan Maing to create new opportunity within this industry.

Design Notes

To highlight this unique region of coffee, the design is inspired by Myanmar's national bird, the green peafowl, and the traditional artwork of the country.

Photos By: Atlas Coffee
Design By: Coffeebar

Author: David Wilson

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