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Our Vertical Reserve - Félix Porón Villa Sarchi

A specially curated lot for Coffeebar, we are so excited to share this Guatemalan coffee by Félix Porón with you. Highly complex with fruit notes, this is an uncommon varietal for Guatemala. 

A proud partnership between Félix Porón, De la Gente, and Coffeebar.

Félix Porón is one of the longest-serving members of our partner cooperative in San Miguel Escobar, just outside of Antigua, Guatemala. Unlike the majority of members though, Félix grows his coffee on the slopes around San Miguel Dueñas, across the valley from Volcán de Agua. While the majority of producers in the region work with the traditional varietals of Bourbon, Caturra, and Catuai, Félix was able to procure some seedlings of Villa Sarchi, a varietal developed in Costa Rica that is still fairly uncommon in other regions, from a finca where he had connections. These were planted on a new parcel of land at some of the highest producing elevation in the area and grown under natural shade.

The complexity of fruit notes in this coffee blew us away when we first tried it, and this lot was specially curated by Félix at Coffeebar's request. The investment he makes in quality is readily apparent, and he is a perennial front-runner in the annual micro-lot competitions we run with the cooperative. Félix is rightfully proud of this particular lot (show the slightest interest when you meet him and he'll have his phone out to show you dozens of pictures of maturing coffee cherries), and we're excited to have the opportunity to serve such a distinctive coffee. 

Design Notes

This bag design is inspired by Félix Porón, a coffee farmer who is making unique choices in his area of Guatemala to grow coffee that gets high marks on clarity and complexity. Always on his land with a big hat and bigger smile on his face, he is developing coffee we are so happy to share with our guests. 

Photos Provided By: De la Gente

Design By: Coffeebar

Author: David Wilson

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