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Giuseppe Leone

Giving Thanks

Oh, 2021.


As we look back on this odd—literally and figuratively—year, we feel pretty fortunate. Fortunate to be the bright spot in your morning, and the sweet spot in your afternoon. Fortunate to be growing again (more news on that soon). 

We’re grateful for you, our loyal customers. Many cafes, bars, and restaurants fought hard but didn’t survive 2020. Your support has seen us through the pandemic storm, helped us evolve, and reminded us why we do what we do. We look forward to those smiles every day. 


Thank you for sharing your stories with us. We’ve been blown away to learn what an important role our people and our cafes have played in your lives. It’s why we believe that community is the family you choose. 

We’re grateful for you experimenters and dabblers too, and the just-passing-through-town-and-saw-that-amazing-pastry-porn-on-Insta guests. That warm welcome you experienced in our cafes, from the mountains to the Bay, is real and heartfelt. When we say “you belong here” we mean it. Thank you for the chance to make your day. 

We’re grateful for our wholesale customers too. It’s been exciting to see Coffeebar coffee in a growing number of retailers and restaurants. 

We’re grateful for our partners and vendors. In a world of commoditized everything, connecting the dots from bean to cup has never been more important. 

A big thank you is owed to the farmers growing our coffee in the uplands of Guatemala, Uganda, Thailand, and points beyond. And a big thank you goes out to the importers and shippers, folks whose efforts are moving coffee as quickly as possible across a rusty and broken supply chain. 



We’re grateful for our intrepid team. The Hospitality Game has never been easy, and this year, with reopening, we discovered whole new Levels to master. 

Coffeebar wasn’t spared the staffing shortages that have impacted businesses everywhere. But it’s easier to be on that front line when you know your teammates have your back. We’re deeply grateful for the way our “hospitalians” support one another. Those little everyday kindnesses add up to true teamwork. 



2021 saw customers around the country imploding, exploding, and otherwise delaminating in public. Many were undone by the stressful ups and downs of the new not-so-normal, losing patience with less than optimal staffing levels as businesses reopened. 


Sure, we’ve experienced some of those “hospitality opportunities” in our cafes too. So we have to stop and thank our kind and compassionate front line teams. In 2021, practicing radical inclusivity took some hospitality muscles we didn’t even know we had. 


Thank you for being willing to Level Up.


That kind of empathy doesn’t come out of an employee manual and it’s not something you can teach. Instead, it comes pre-installed in the remarkable people who work here. 

So wherever and however you choose to give thanks—be it Friendsgiving, a multi-generation celebration, or gliding down the first run of the season—we hope you make it a beautiful holiday! 

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