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Giuseppe Rosso

Introducing our first custom private label wine!


From Lorenzo Gatteschi and his family at Podere Ciona comes the Giuseppe Rosso, a lively, fruity Sangiovese-based blend, produced specially for Coffeebar.


Coffeebar Wine Giuseppe Rosso

We were introduced to Podere Ciona by our friends at Small Vineyards, importers of arguably the best small batch wines from family-owned estates in the Mediterranean.


In fact, Small Vineyards might not have existed if it wasn’t for a fateful wine tour in Toscana in 2000, where, over a bottle of unforgettable Chianti (made by Lorenzo and his father Franco) and some traditional Tuscan home cooking by Lorenzo’s mother, Franca, the philosophy behind Small Vineyards was born.

Coffeebar Wine Giuseppe Rosso - Podere Ciona

The simple philosophy that the best product comes from small batch, sustainable, and family-operated farms also happens to be behind every cup of coffee and plate of food here at Coffeebar.

It is a privilege to be able to partner with farms who implement the highest level of care and ownership, whether for a bean or a grape.

Take Exhibit A: Podere Ciona. Blink and you might miss it, the tiny 12 acre estate is owned and maintained exclusively by the Gatteschi family, a close-knit group who has dedicated their lives to the Art of Wine. Their beautifully manicured vineyards sit high on a south-facing hilltop between 1,600 and 2,050 ft. above sea level, making it the only estate in the area that experiences this kind of radical climate. The altitude is at the Gatteschi’s favor, as the uniquely austere, weathered sandstone  soil has excellent drainage, and is ideal for producing more structured and balanced wine.

Coffeebar Wine Giuseppe Rosso - Podere Ciona

Overlooking sprawling vistas of forests and lush hills, you can spot Lorenzo working amongst the grape vines most days of the week.


Podere Ciona does not use irrigation, known in the industry as dry farming, a sustainable practice that is virtually impossible in dry climates like California. Dry-farmed grape vine roots grow nearly 30 feet deep and seek moisture down in the clay below the soil, instead of at the surface, which produces high-quality, intensely-flavored grapes while also protecting one of our most precious resources: water.

The dry-farmed grapes are picked by hand, de-stemmed, and manually sorted (triage) before being fermented in stainless steel and aged for a year in large Slavonian oak vats.

Coffeebar Wine at Podere Ciona

Podere Ciona Small Vineyards

The end product is a perfect encapsulation of the Gatteschis: one part intellectual viticulturist, the other part hard-working farmer.  


You must taste it to believe it, this red wine is an absolutely lovely everyday pour that lets its regional characteristics shine. A light ruby color with bright, fresh aromas of ripe red fruits and spices and a crisp, long finish that lingers, the Giuseppe Rosso is well-balanced, light, easy drinking for any occasion, and an excellent representation of the thought and care that goes into high-quality winemaking.

There are only 50 cases of our first custom private label wine; enjoy a glass at our Menlo Park cafe beginning July 14, with a later summer release at our Reno/Tahoe cafes (specific date TBD). Saluti!


Coffeebar Wine Giuseppe Rosso

Coffeebar Wine Giuseppe Rosso

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