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Coffee, Country, and Community De La Gente's Online Course

Coffeebar’s relationship with the importer De la Gente goes back four years now, to when David Wilson, was living and working in Guatemala as the Program Coordinator for DLG. This close relationship has meant Guatemalan coffees from De la Gente have played a significant role in Coffeebar’s coffee program since we began roasting three years ago. 

In that time we’ve had the opportunity to nurture that relationship by taking Coffeebar employees down to Guatemala to work alongside DLG and their partner cooperatives on two separate occasions. And of course, we have boots on the ground a couple of times a year to check in on harvest and quality and plan our future purchases. 

COVID-19 has changed all that. With international travel restricted, and the Guatemalan government enacting curfew measures to protect the citizens, we are unsure when we’ll be able to visit our producing partners in person again.

Challenges create opportunities, and the office staff for De la Gente has used this time to create an online learning tool. If we can’t travel to them to experience the culture surrounding Guatemalan coffee, they’ll bring the experience to us. 

Coffeebar employees will be participating in the next course series offered, and we invite you to join us!

Get an in-depth look into Guatemalan coffee production, exploring every element of the supply chain, including agricultural production, quality control, importing, and purchasing on the cafe end. The wonderful world of technology allows classes to include interactive Q&A sessions with Guatemalan farmers, as well as the members of De la Gente, quality control specialists, and buyers here in the United States.  

This latest class series begins on Monday, July 13th, and will run for five weeks, with two classes per week. Better yet, De la Gente has agreed to extend the early-bird special offer to all participants who register via Coffeebar. Just let ‘em know we sent you! 

Further details can be found at: 


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