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Hand Roasted. Vertically Sourced. Delivered Straight To You.

At Coffeebar, quality goes hand-in-hand with intentional sourcing, long-term partnerships with producers and importers, and a genuine commitment to origin. We source our coffee this way to share and honor its full story – from farmer to importer to guest – and to be a part of the journey as its local roaster and brewer.

We are proud to be serving you this coffee - from our house blends to our Vertical Reserve single origin offerings - all roasted in-house at our Coffeebar Roastery. We are grateful we get to share the evolution of our coffee story with you and to send freshly roasted coffee straight to your office or home.

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Let’s change how we look at coffee.

Not just on roast scales of light to dark but also how each coffee fills our soul, or as we like to say, our cup. A brew for every time of day, for every challenge life throws at us. Complex roasts that toast the producers and importers we are honored to partner with. Inspiring coffee stories to fuel you through your own adventure.

So tell us, what are you seeking?

Seeking Adventure

Vertical Reserve

Seasonal Single Origin Offerings

Our Vertical Reserve coffees are ever-changing due to the varied harvest seasons of this global product. Each offering is roasted in-house to highlight the coffee’s distinctive characteristics and pay homage to its story. Complex and unique, we hope our single origin coffees lead to exploration, education, and an expansion of your palate as you connect to these coffees from around the world. Learn More

Seeking Fuel


House Espresso Blend

The blend that powers our fleet of espresso machines, this coffee is designed to be the perfect complement to milk, but also stand alone as an enjoyable shot. Inspired by our Truckee-Tahoe origins and the west winds that blow over the Sierra Nevada Mountains, this blend will push and fuel you through whatever your daily adventure may be. Learn More

Seeking Tradition


House Italian Roast

The house blend served daily in all of our cafes, this coffee is a crowd pleaser that gives a nod to Coffeebar’s original Italian inspiration. Strong enough for adventure-filled summer days and chilly wake-me-up winter nights. Named after our beloved Coffeebar mascot, Giuseppe, this roast is inspired by our humble beginnings and the Italian roots that Coffeebar was built on. Learn More

Seeking Sleep

Prima Donna

House Decaf Blend

For those too kick ass for caffeine! A dark, balanced blend with notes of salted caramel, walnut, and cinnamon. It pairs well with milk, be that at home in your brewer, or in a beautiful latte at the cafe. Inspired by Coffeebar’s fiercest ladies and diehard decaf drinkers, the Prima Donna was born. The craving for coffee does not have to stop after 4pm. Learn More

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