Zephyr - Espresso Blend

Formerly the Gran Turismo, the Zephyr is a smooth blend of Mexican, Guatemalan, and Ethiopian beans perfect for your morning espresso shot or afternoon latte. Creamy with flavors for milk chocolate, cherry, and vanilla to push you through your day.
12oz. bag - whole bean

Zephyr - Espresso Blend

The Story

We are excited to share with you the Zephyr, our house espresso blend - formerly the Gran Turismo. A medium-dark roast, designed to be the perfect complement to milk, but also stand alone as an enjoyable shot. This blend will typically consist of three rotating components. Currently these are a Mexico, a Guatemala, and a natural-processed Ethiopia. The Guatemalan coffee in the blend comes to us from a cooperative in western Guatemala that we will be working directly with this Fall 2018.

Design Notes: 
Our reimagined brand for our espresso is inspired by our Truckee-Tahoe origins and the west winds that blow over the Sierra Nevada Mountains. “Zephyr” has much significance to our fearless leader of Coffeebar, Greg. A zephyr is a soft gentle breeze, named after the Greek god of the West Winds. It has ties to the Buchheister family as the Zephyr Express chairlift that took our owner up the mountains in his ski racing days, the California Zephyr train that tied his wife's hometown from Chicago to California, and, of course, our favorite 2-year-old goober. Like espresso that pushes you throughout the day, this design is inspired by the flowing movement of wind rolling over the mountains.

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