Vertical Reserve - Semalo Pride Honey

A rare processing for Ethiopia, we are excited to share this honey-processed coffee from Pride Mill with you. A beautiful roast with bright notes of apple, pear blossom, and lemon balm.

12oz. bag - whole bean

Vertical Reserve - Semalo Pride Honey

The Story

A proud partnership between Pride Mill, Catalyst Coffee, Coffeebar and Vertical Coffee Roasters.

Located in the Gelana District in Ethiopia, Semalo Pride is a processing mill serving a remote micro-community. The work of this mill directly influences around 2000 small-scale producers, as well as providing employment for a further 200 workers within the facility. After only three years of operation, Pride Mill has already seen a marked increase in the production of specialty coffee from this mill. A lot of this is due to the work of Catalyst Coffee, a husband and wife team that spend a significant portion of their year living and working in Ethiopia. This partnership between Catalyst and Pride Mill has gained the mill access to foreign markets and increased profits from the production of high-end specialty grade coffee. This increased revenue is then passed on to the community, with educational resources offered and quality-incentivized premiums paid to the local producers. 

This particular lot is an experimental processing style rarely seen in Ethiopia. Known as 'honey' processing, it is a hybrid between the more traditional 'natural' process, and the 'washed' process, more commonly seen globally. 

Design Notes

This bag design is inspired by the many faces that make up Pride Mill. It is through their inspiring hard work that we get to enjoy a coffee so skillfully crafted and and handled with care. From their work there, Catalyst Coffee said, “We have visited Pride Mill many times in the last couple years, each time marveling at the beauty of the area, the joy and reception in the laborers and management, and the hard work that makes Pride Mill so special.” Our goal with Vertical Reserve is to share our producers’ stories and put a face to the product – and what a better way than to illustrate those involved, capture their spirit, and honor their work.

Photos By: Catalyst Coffee

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