Vertical Reserve - Maraba

A fun, definitely distinctive coffee from Rwanda with notes of dried apricot, cherry and floral. A white grape acidity with a molasses-like body and sweetness.

12oz. bag - whole bean

Vertical Reserve - Maraba

The Story

The full name of this producing cooperative is Maraba Abahuzamugambi, which translates from Rwandan as 'those who have common goals.' It's a statement that rings especially true for this coffee, as its production required the concerted efforts of the growers and producers of Maraba, investments made by Root Capital, and support from the Relationship Coffee Institute - itself a result of the collaboration between Bloomberg Philanthropies and Sustainable Harvest. And then of course, via the importer Sustainable Harvest to us. Those common goals? The improvement of productivity, quality, and ultimately the sustainability and economic viability of coffee production in Rwanda. 

The Maraba cooperative was formed twenty years ago, in the wake of the Rwandan civil war and genocide. Beginning with 300 members, it has since grown to 1,416. With the help of USAID-funded projects PEARL and SPREAD, the cooperative began producing specialty coffee in 2001. Since then they've been able to expand their infrastructure and technical capacity, and are continually growing and improving their production and quality. 

To learn more about ongoing work in Rwanda, and how the proceeds from the sale of this coffee are being reinvested at origin, check out the 'Double Your Impact' program run by Sustainable Harvest and the Relationship Coffee Institute. 

David Wilson - Director of Coffee

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