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Vertical Reserve - Manuel Gómez Natural Microlot

This special Guatemalan microlot from our friend Manuel Gómez bursts with bright notes of pomegranate, raspberry, and cane sugar.

12oz. bag - whole bean

Vertical Reserve - Manuel Gómez Natural Microlot

The Story

A proud partnership between Manuel Gómez, De la Gente, & Coffeebar.

Grown on the shaded slopes of Volcan Agua, this coffee is a special experimental lot produced by Manuel Gómez and his family. Manuel is a long-serving member of the cooperative in San Miguel Escobar, where Coffeebar is heavily invested via our partnership with the Antigua-based importer De La Gente. Never satisfied with the norm, Manuel is always on the leading edge of innovation with regards to coffee production. A visit to his family home will reveal coffee drying on the central patio, often with his two youngest daughters playing in it, as well as the walls already stacked with coffee ready for export, and on the roof, various drying beds covered with different experimental lots of his.

We’ve worked closely with Manuel for the last few years, and in 2017, Manuel won the inaugural San Miguel Escober cooperative microlot competition, with our Director of Coffee David Wilson as one of the primary judges. With that history, we jumped at the opportunity to bring back more of Manuel’s product and are carrying two of his microlots, both this beautifully fruit-forward, juicy natural-processed lot, and a warmer-note washed lot. Both of these coffees are grown under shade at 1800 meters in elevation, hand-harvested, and sorted to a very high level, all by Manuel and his wife Rosy (with help from the kids, of course).

A favorite part of our work in coffee is the connections and partnerships we form globally, and this coffee reflects that. From on the groundwork we did with the importer De la Gente in 2017, to building a relationship with Manuel and his family, we’re proud and excited to see and experience this coffee all the way from harvest to the cup. And even more excited to share it with you.

Design Notes

This bag design is inspired Manuel Gómez, often called the happiest man in San Miguel, and the beautiful town of Antigua. It depicts the iconic Arco de Santa Catalina, Volcan de Agua where his farm is located, and the colorful colonial buildings that line the streets of Guatemala.



Greg Buchheister - Founder & CEO

"We are now using paper cups that have 40% less plastic, designed to be recycled into paper products."

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