Vertical Reserve - La Colmenita

Named after 'The Beehive,' La Colmenita's producers' hard work and dedication to quality produce a beautiful coffee bean with notes of nectarine, cherry, and candied walnut. To support our friends in Guatemala, $2 of each bag sale will go to Volcán de Fuego disaster relief.

12oz. bag - whole bean

Vertical Reserve - La Colmenita

The Story

A proud partnership between Francisco Cardona Martin of La Colmenita, Onyx Coffee, Coffeebar, and Vertical Coffee Roasters.

This farm, named 'The Beehive,' sits high in the mountains of Huehuetenango in northern Guatemala. Martin has been producing quality coffee there since 2002, when he purchased the farm. He intentionally planted varietals that would produce a high cup score, and is constantly reinvesting in his property to improve his production. The farm sits on the slopes above Finca Vista Hermosa, the family farm of Onyx Coffee, who operate as both exporter and importer of La Colmenita. 

Onyx was formed in 2006 by Edwin Martinez, a Guatemalan living in the United States, who began by importing his own family's coffees and selling directly to roasters, but then was able to expand their operation to connect other local producers with the global specialty market. Onyx currently represents 200 separate lots, and focuses on bringing in single-producer specialty coffee from Huehuetenango and creating market access for producers who go the extra mile to produce quality coffee. 

We are donating $2 for each sale of La Colmenita and all future Guatemalan coffees this summer to Volcán de Fuego disaster relief.

Design Notes

This bag design is inspired by the amazing talents of the coffee producers of La Colmenita. Like bees and ‘The Beehive’ of which their farm is named, the producers of La Colmenita’s artful process, hard work, dedication to quality, and teamwork create a beautiful product that gets to be globally enjoyed. And with the current tragedy in Guatemala, it is key for us to keep our friends who are making our coffee possible at the forefront of our minds and in our hearts.

David Wilson - Director of Coffee

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