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Vertical Reserve - Helibrando Martinez Aguila

This coffee from Peru brings us not only a great coffee with notes of apple and chocolate but also an exciting partnership with Red Fox Coffee Merchants to improve economic development in the region.  

12oz. bag - whole bean

Vertical Reserve - Helibrando Martinez Aguila

The Story

A proud partnership between Helibrando Martinez Aguila, Santuario Cooperative, Red Fox Coffee Merchants, and Coffeebar.

This coffee comes to us via the importer Red Fox Coffee Merchants. Red Fox have long been known in specialty circles as importers of high-level coffees, with Peru being the region where they’re most heavily focused. Cajamarca is perhaps the most well-known coffee region in Peru, located in the northern Andes, on the border with Ecuador. Helibrando Martinez Aguila is one of the producers Red Fox work with, and his coffee is a shining example of a washed process coffee from this region: plum and apple, and a chocolate, vanilla finish, but with the potential for floral and tropical notes as well. 

It’s interesting to note though that our partnership with Red Fox did not begin with this micro lot coffee, but rather with an opportunity to import lower-level coffees. Historically, Red Fox have only traded in the highest scoring coffees, at the highest prices, meaning they’ll only purchase a small percentage of the available coffee in any region. While this method can bring in significant profit margins on the coffee they do purchase, the reality is that it leaves producers with a significant amount of product still to sell. This year however, they invited us to be part of a pilot project whereby they could purchase more of the producers’ total production, and move both high-end lots, and mid-level coffees as blend components. To initiate this project, Coffeebar and 3 other roasters committed to purchasing a significant amount of this blender, a community lot from the Valle Inca Cooperative, located in the southern region of Cusco. We’re excited to feature the Valle Inca coffee in the next iteration of our Zephyr espresso blend. 

We’re excited for the Helibrando Martinez Aguila micro lot, but we’re perhaps even more excited about our opportunity to invest more heavily in a more stable economic structure for producers in Peru, guaranteeing farmers a good market for their coffee, even when it doesn’t necessarily score at the level of a micro lot.


Design Notes

Inspired by the ancient Inca Empire that resided in Peru, this bag design is a nod to the sun god, Inti, who the Incas highly worshiped. His power of the sun radiated life into the earth and supported the crops the community needed relied on to survive. 

Photos Provided By: Red Fox Coffee Merchants
Design By: Coffeebar

Greg Buchheister - Founder & CEO

"We are now using paper cups that have 40% less plastic, designed to be recycled into paper products."

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