Vertical Reserve - Café de Neblina

A smooth brew from Peru with tasting notes of red apple up front, vanilla in the nose and a lingering dark chocolate finish.

12oz. bag - whole bean

Vertical Reserve - Café de Neblina

The Story

This coffee comes to us via the importer Sustainable Harvest and their connection with Aproeco, a cooperative in the San Martin region of Peru. Formed in 2008, Aproeco has 474 members, 270 of whom produce organic coffee.
As such, this coffee is certified Fair Trade Organic.

The Café de Neblina ('Neblina' means 'mist', so 'Coffee of the Mist'), is grown at a range of elevations (contributing producers' farms range from 800-1800 meters above sea level), with every producer's individual lot being cupped and scored before being added to the cooperative blend. Our goal with this coffee is to create a more approachable single origin. It's a more developed roast profile, and while there are hints of fruit notes like red apple, the more dominant notes are those of caramel, chocolate, and vanilla. 

Design notes:

The design is inspired by traditional Peruvian textiles and the tasting notes of vanilla, chocolate, and red apple. Vanilla flowers and apple seeds make up the pattern.

David Wilson - Director of Coffee

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