Vertical Reserve - Awal Nan

Harvested by a network of women producers belonging to the ACODIHUE cooperative in Huehuetenango, Guatemala, this beautifully roasted coffee tastes of milk chocolate, brown sugar, and berry.

12oz. bag - whole bean

Vertical Reserve - Awal Nan

The Story

Sustainable Harvest is an import company founded 20 years ago with the idea to use coffee as a vehicle for sustainable development, and to protect the environment and supply chain. Over time their sourcing focused more and more on specialty grade coffee, as this model allows for the most income generation for the farmers. As they've expanded, they've maintained that focus on regional development, and despite having a now-global footprint, they maintain local offices in the majority of countries in which they are involved. 

That local connection is something that is important to us as roasters, knowing that there is a long-term commitment to the producers in whom we are investing. The Awal Nan comes to us from a network of women producers belonging to the ACODIHUE cooperative in Huehuetenango, Guatemala. The term is from the local Mam language, and translates to Siembra de Mujer, or, roughly, Sowing of Women. Because of the hard work and contributions of the female members of the cooperative, who make up 80 percent of the entire membership, the cooperative has obtained the certification 'Manos de Mujer.' 

David Wilson - Director of Coffee

"Architecture was a career, coffee is a passion."

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Kristina Tuason

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