Coffeebar Lifecycle Tumbler

Every day starts with Giuseppe with this illustrated white-and-copper Klean Kanteen tumbler. Double-wall vacuum insulated to keep hot drinks hot and iced drinks cold throughout your day. 
stainless steel - 16oz.

Coffeebar Lifecycle Tumbler

The Story

Take your fuel on-the-go wherever your next adventure may be with our custom-designed Klean Kanteen tumblers. Illustrated by our Creative Director, Leah, the "Coffeebar Lifecycle" design was inspired by Italian art vignettes and architecture. Double-wall vacuum insulated and easy to clean. Perfect for your everyday morning pick-me up or an afternoon brewski at our #apresski events.

David Wilson - Director of Coffee

"Architecture was a career, coffee is a passion."

Coffeebar USA, Baby
Vertical Coffee Roasters

"Because it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey."

Coffeebar USA, Baby
Kristina Tuason

“Commit to the person, and then work together to create the product.“

Coffeebar USA, Baby