Prima Donna - Decaf Blend

For those too kick ass for caffeine! Our house decaf blend, previously the Morte Prima, used in all Coffeebar locations as our decaf espresso. A dark, balanced blend with notes of salted caramel, walnut, cinnamon.
12oz. bag - whole bean

Prima Donna - Decaf Blend

The Story

The Prima Donna, our house decaf roast - formerly the Morte Prima. A darker, balanced roast, this blend is designed to pair well with milk and make beautiful lattes. 

Design Notes: 

Inspired by Coffeebar’s fiercest ladies and diehard decaf drinkers, the Prima Donna was born. Meaning “Leading Lady” in Italian, the name and skeleton design is a play off of the original Morte Prima (“Death Before”). Making decaf sexy, our pinup skeleton lady is for those too kick ass for caffeine. Other ties to Coffeebar in this design are the lion skull and sprigs of lavender, a nod to our signature decaf lavender lattes. 


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