Origin Tumbler

We celebrate the hard work and partnerships we have with our coffee farmers with our Origin Tumbler. 16oz. with optional straw set (sold separately) to help you stay hydrated all day with your favorite hot or cold beverage. 
Klean Kanteen - 16oz.

Origin Tumbler

The Story

We are honored to share with you our Origin Tumbler, celebrating the many coffee farmers we partner with and our mission of vertical sourcing. This 16oz. Klean Kanteen tumbler is a great reminder of all the hard work that goes into producing coffee and also helps the environment by reducing the waste of single-use coffee cups. Great for hot or cold drinks, this tumbler is also compatible with our Klean Kanteen Straw Sets (sold separately)

Vertical sourcing is 
concept where quality goes hand-in-hand with a strong focus on partnerships with importers who share our ideals. Ideals like long-term relationships, origin commitment, and more sustainable sourcing methodologies. Beyond that, vertical sourcing is a way to tell a story. A story not only of the producers and their hard work to create the raw product, but also of the importers and their passion to be forever seeking ways to improve their work and the impact they can have at origin. Without them, we would not have the wonderful coffee we proudly serve to you every day. 

David Wilson - Director of Coffee

"Architecture was a career, coffee is a passion."

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Vertical Coffee Roasters

"Because it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey."

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Kristina Tuason

“Commit to the person, and then work together to create the product.“

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