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La Suiza De-pulper Fundraiser

Help us purchase two new de-pulping machines for our partners in La Suiza! We'll match your contribution dollar-for-dollar until we hit our goal of $1,200, and any amount donated above that goal will go toward starting a micro-loan program to continue investing in our producer partners' growth. Read more below, or check out the full story on our blog here. Select an amount below or donate a custom amount by adding multiples of this item to your cart to reach your desired total.

La Suiza De-pulper Fundraiser

The Story

My name is John Wittig, I am Coffeebar’s COO. I am writing you directly as there’s a concrete opportunity we’d like to make available to you: to participate with us— hand in hand— with our Guatemalan importer De La Gente (Of the People) and the community at La Suiza. We’d like to buy two coffee de-pulpers for the farmers, the basic machine that removes the light brown seed from the red cherry prior to drying.

Why these de-pulpers are needed is a story in and of itself, a beautiful and important story. It will enrich you to understand full context – read it here! If you are tight on time, the nuts and bolts of the opportunity are below.

At the end of the day, Coffeebar can ensure La Suiza will get these two de-pulpers. Another Guatemalan farmer we work closely with in Antigua, Wilker, can build them and coordinate the transport to La Suiza for a total of $1200. This is an astronomical sum for the community, but very doable for us as a company. Yet we believe that by opening this opportunity for you to add your tile to the mosaic, to stand with and be of the people, we are building community and connection. We want to support their dream, lighten their load, smooth their path, and open doors with them, and we invite you to join us in that pursuit.

So Coffeebar will match dollar for dollar every contribution you make until we hit our target. And if we raise more than the cost of the de-pulpers, we'll use that to seed our next dream, to start a micro-loan program that help with future needs and champion growth among our coffee producers. If you’d like to participate now, head over to our online store and select “La Suiza Project” Gift Card and the amount you’d like invest in the community. It’ll be exciting to follow this story at each step toward a self-sufficient and promising future for our friends at La Suiza. We’ll share pictures, personal accounts and community updates along the way.

We all belong together.


Greg Buchheister - Founder & CEO

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