Giuseppe - Italian Roast

Formerly the A19, our Giuseppe roast is our classic Italian dark roast. Bring our house brew home with this full bodied roast with notes of dark chocolate, nutmeg, and molasses.   
12oz. bag - whole bean

Giuseppe - Italian Roast

The Story

Our house Italian roast, Giuseppe (the hint is in the Italian name), formerly the A19. Our classic dark roast, this coffee is a crowd pleaser keeping up with Coffeebar's Italian traditions. Strong enough for adventure-filled summer days and chilly wake-me-up winter nights. This coffee blend is great with cream and sugar as well as straight black. A bold blend, typically composed of four to five seasonally rotating components. Currently these are Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, and Ethiopia.

Design Notes: 

Named after our beloved lion mascot, Giuseppe, this coffee bag design is inspired by Coffeebar’s beginnings and our Italian roots. For those who don’t know the tale (no pun intended), Giuseppe came to our owner, Greg, in a dream when Coffeebar was still just an idea. A dream of a warrior battling a giant lion, finally conquering it with a spear, but always honoring the lion and the challenge that it presented. This dream’s parallels to the story of Hercules and Leo and are the inspiration for the constellation design. 

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