Vertical Reserve - Rutas Del Inca

A smooth brew from Peru with tasting notes of plum and red apple up front, vanilla in the nose and a lingering dark chocolate finish.

12oz. bag - whole bean

Vertical Reserve - Rutas Del Inca

The Story

Rutas del Inca was founded in 2013 with 33 members, but has quickly scaled up to 258 members in 27 communities. The coffee is produced organically at remarkably high elevation, with some producers' land as high as 2400 meters above sea level. The cooperative supports producing members with fertilizer and equipment loans which are paid back at the end of harvest with their coffee delivery. This structure allows producers to make investments on their farms, without requiring large amounts of capital up front. 

Coffee is processed by each farmer individually, including de-pulping, washing, and drying the beans, and then collected by the cooperative for dry milling. This allows the producers to generate more value from their product, and also ensures greater traceability and the ability to continually improve quality, as farmers are offered premiums for higher quality beans. 

David Wilson - Director of Coffee

"Architecture was a career, coffee is a passion."

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Vertical Coffee Roasters

"Because it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey."

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Kristina Tuason

“Commit to the person, and then work together to create the product.“

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