Vertical Reserve - Mujeres de Coocentral

A bright and balanced Colombian roast from Coocentral's Mujeres Cafeteras (Women's Coffee) Program with tasting notes of stone fruit, caramel, and honey.

12oz. bag - whole bean

Vertical Reserve - Mujeres de Coocentral

The Story

Coocentral is a larger cooperative, claiming nearly four thousand members across the department of Huila in southern Colombia. This coffee however is the result of an initiative within the coop designed to empower women coffee growers. The program, known as Mujeres Cafeteras (Women's Coffee) was designed to provide training and technical skills to female producers, allowing them to improve and differentiate their crop, and in so doing add value to the finished product. 

Three hundred women participate in the Mujeres Cafeteras program, many of whom had formerly simply played a supporting role in coffee-growing families. With the training provided by the program in leadership and farm administration, the women now manage their own parcels of land and are able to continue to improve their production. Eventually, the goal is to incorporate 700 women into the program, and continue to improve the conditions and opportunities available to these producers. 

A proud partnership between Coocentral's Mujeres Cafeteras (Women's Coffee), Sustainable Harvest, Coffeebar, & Vertical Coffee Roasters. 

Design Notes
In honor of the women who run the Mujeres Cafeteras program from Coocentral, 
this Vertical Reserve coffee bag design is inspired by “La Pollera Colora” (“brightly colored skirt”), the Colombian traditional celebratory costume for women, as well as the tasting notes of stone fruit in this bright, balanced roast. 

Photo Credits:
Coocentral - Sustainable Harvest 
La Pollera Colora - Kobby Dagan, Shutterstock

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