Full bodied with flavors of dark chocolate and tobacco. Seasonal Central, South American and Eastern African beans blended for the flavor profile of our familiar Italian roast. 
16oz. bag - whole bean


The Story

Coffeebar’s original house blend. A19 is reminiscent of the bold, darker coffees from Southern Italy. Strong enough for adventure-filled summer days and chilly wake-me-up winter nights. This is the OG coffee we have served up since our first day of service in October of 2010.

David Wilson - Director of Coffee

"Architecture was a career, coffee is a passion."

Coffeebar USA, Baby
Vertical Coffee Roasters

"Because it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey."

Coffeebar USA, Baby
Kristina Tuason

“Commit to the person, and then work together to create the product.“

Coffeebar USA, Baby