Coffeebar Roastery
P: 1 775 277 3727 1030 Haskell St Open 7 am to 1 pm daily

Playing with Fire

The Coffeebar Roastery is a welcoming, creative, and educational space where guests and team members immerse themselves in the art and science of coffee through a best-in-class cafe experience that invites deeper exploration of our roasting and Vertical Sourcing ethos.

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Coffeebar Roastery

Not Just Fire and Handlebar Mustaches

Coffeebar Roastery is located in a newly refurbished 1930's garage nestled in a small alley at the heart of Reno's eclectic Midtown District. The combination of functional art with production facility has formed our most creative space to date.

Coffeebar Roastery

We're Heating Up

The Roastery provides the perfect platform for our guests to immerse themselves in the mecca of the full coffee experience.

Coffeebar Roastery

Get Nerdy with Us

Unlike any other experience in Reno, the Roastery connects the dots from farmer to guests by showcasing transparency, education and our love for coffee.

Coffeebar Roastery

The Coffee Dream Team

Come let our "Coffee Dream Team" showcase our signature vertical coffee sourcing process by creating true transparency from source to cup.

Let's Do This


Coffeebar is a radically-inclusive Italian café experience, no matter the time of day you stop by. Rooted in the traditional coffeebar culture of Italy, modernized by materials and resources from local producers and artisans, and driven by our staff, customers, and community.

Vertical sourcing

Connecting the dots between farmer and guest.

We tell the story from the origin of the bean to its final destination, in your cup. We cultivate strong relationships with our local and global partners - from farmers to suppliers to roasters - to the baristas whose craft turns your drink into art.

Coffeebar Keeps it Real
Sustainable Local Partnerships

Sustainable Local Partnerships

Community is the family you choose. Our family is comprised of dedicated farmers, bicycle-riding composters, organic gardeners, vibrant artists, and renegade creators. We're dedicated to celebrating their crafts and raising the bar of sustainability through excellent food & coffee.

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