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Giuseppe Leone

The Trailhead Blend: For the Love of our Public Lands

Born in the Sierra Nevada mountains, Coffeebar has always been a home for those who heard the mountains calling, and went. 


Granite Chief, Mount Rose, Castle Peak -- our DNA is in the High Sierra. The wilderness we all share, the land that belongs to you and me. Between our time brewing coffee for our communities, we’re usually rounding trail bends or taking in views of alpine lakes and dramatic rocky outcrops. As we wander, our minds and bodies thank us over and over again for the recharge that only such outdoor intermissions can bring.

Now more than ever, backcountries and granite walls serve as an ‘escape hatch’ from our complicated worlds. But we do have one bone to pick with The Great Outdoors: without access to our home set-ups or favorite baristas, it can be a constraint to good coffee.

Created for Wherever You May Be

...and so the Trailhead blend was born!


Our goal was simple: to create a coffee that would please any coffee drinker, whether outdoors with limited tools or with the creature comforts of home, with a portion of sales supporting an organization who shares our overarching philosophy of environmental sustainability. In choosing where to put our support, it was important that we weren’t just supporting the trails we love to hike, but also long-term forest health. That’s where the National Forest Foundation came in.

The National Forest Foundation is the leading organization inspiring personal and meaningful connections to our National Forests, the centerpiece of America’s public lands. Working on behalf of the American public, the National Forest Foundation leads forest conservation efforts and promotes responsible recreation. 

$.50 of each 12oz bag, lb of bulk, and box of instant coffee sold of our newest Trailhead Blend contributes to the National Forest Foundation's ‘Treasured Landscapes, Unforgettable Experiences’ program, with the first initiative supporting the Big Jack East Project, south of Truckee, CA. 

With a suite of projects planned over the years to come in the Tahoe area, we plan to pivot where to focus our support within the foundation as some programs come to a close and others begin.

Brew it Near or Far: Introducing Trailhead Instant Coffee!


The beauty of this blend is that it shines on drip, which gives you the ability to create a home-brewed cup of coffee that even our most discerning baristas would appreciate. 

A medium roast with notes of cooked peach, brown sugar, and baking spices, Trailhead is perfectly balanced on its own. If you happen to like your coffee doctored up, it maintains a good presence of flavors with milk. 

When the wilderness calls and you find yourself without your home set-up, we’ve created Coffeebar’s first instant coffee (coming March 2021)! With some hot water and steep time, you have an excellent brew that doesn’t make any sacrifices on quality. We chose a specialty grade instant option for many reasons… more on that to come!


Trailhead Instant Coffee available in store and online March 2021. 

Trailhead is truly for everyone, anywhere.

Now Available for all your Adventures


Every journey starts somewhere, and whether it’s the first cup of coffee in the morning or the first step on a path into the wild, Trailhead is there for all your adventures.

Trailhead is now available for subscription and whole bean by the bag through our online store! Shop now.

It is also available by the bag or brewed-by-the-cup at Coffeebar’s select wholesale partners only, listed below. 

Trailhead instant coffee will be available at all Coffeebar stores and online this March 2021.


We will be offering exclusive Trailhead tasting opportunities at select Coffeebar locations. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates below, or follow us @coffeebar


The first iteration of the Trailhead blend was created in partnership with San Miguel Escobar, De la Gente, Atlantic Specialty, and Catalyst Trade.

To learn more about the National Forest Foundation, please visit www.nationalforests.org.

Coffeebar Wholesale Partners:

Peavine Taphouse, Reno, NV – Brewed coffee only, Drive Thru
Millie’s Coffee and Ice Cream, Graeagle, CA – Retail and brewed
Great Basin Community Co-op, Reno, NV – Retail only
DashMart, Redwood City, CA – Retail, online only
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