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Giuseppe Leone

Our Vertical Reserve - El Acerillo

This coffee comes from the Cajamarca region of Peru. Grown in the shade at high elevation, it creates a bright and complex cup of coffee. 

A proud partnership between Jhonny Saavedra and Cleotilde Guevara of El Acerillo, Origin Coffee Lab, Atlantic Specialty, and Coffeebar.

This coffee produced by Jhonny Saavedra and Cleotilde Guevara is sourced for us by Atlantic Specialty, through their work with Origin Coffee Lab in Peru. Origin Coffee Lab works on the ground, offering producers in the regions that they cover incentivized premiums for producing quality coffee. They offer a very transparent price structure, based on the cupping score the coffee achieves. All coffees scoring above 84 are accepted and awarded an initial premium. This premium is increased alongside an increase of the cupping score, and also based on selection as a micro lot. Coffees scoring 85 and above have a chance of micro lot status, those coffees scoring 86 and above are guaranteed it. All coffees accepted by Origin Coffee Lab receive 35% above the market rate (540 Peruvian sols per quintal of pergamino compared to 400), while the highest scoring micro lots can receive more than double (900 Peruvian sols per quintal of pergamino). This particular micro lot received a price of 725 sols per quintal. 

It's admirable the level of transparency Origin Coffee Lab bring to their pricing, with breakdowns including farm gate price (that paid to the farmer) and all of the intermediary costs including milling and sourcing costs, as well as their own required margin, clearly stated for all of their coffees.

Design Notes

Jhonny Saavedra Abad and Cleotilde Guevara Armijos' farm, El Acerillo, is named after the local native plant that grows near their farm. With the plant's delicate yellow petals, dense leaves, and sharp thorns, it's intricacies parallels this coffee's complex flavors.

Photos By: Atlantic Specialty
Plant Reference Photo by: Amelia Ryan, www.inaturalist.org
Design By: Coffeebar

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