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Davidson's Tea + Coffeebar

Don’t be fooled, we may have “coffee” in our name, but we love tea a lot too.


And because we love tea (and the people who drink it), we’ve started working with a local partner who shows the same level of care toward quality and ethical sourcing as we do with our coffee and in-house food programs.


That partner is Davidson’s Organics, who opened their doors in Reno more than 40 years ago. Now, Davidson’s is owned by third-generation tea growers, and they have built the company into a nationally recognized leader in the tea industry.



As their name implies, organic certification is a large part of Davidson’s focus on quality and sustainability, as they strive to source the purest ingredients possible for their blends.


They walk the walk, using not only organic but also bio-dynamic practices on their own tea gardens in the Darjeeling region of India. On their website, Davidson’s also calls attention to health concerns – both for consumers and at origin – as one of their main motivations for sourcing organically.

Specifically, they talk about the potential risk agricultural can pose to farm workers and families who work and live on or near the tea gardens, as well as wild flora and fauna that share the ecosystem.

All that to say, the folks at Davidson’s care. About the quality of their product, about the producing communities at origin, and about our own Reno/Sparks/Tahoe community.


Which makes them Coffeebar’s perfect tea partner.


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