Order ahead, Coffeebar is now available online for store pick up.
Giuseppe Leone

Coffeebar Online: Anytime, anywhere.

Keep your stash of beans stocked, learn a bit, read a bit or find your new favorite artist. All without even putting pants on.

Holy hell. We’ve been busy behind the scenes for the past few months: opening our latest location in Menlo Park,  and releasing our hand-roasted Vertical Reserve line of single-origin coffees with our friends at Vertical Coffee Roasters. And just because we like spreading good news just as much as the next guy - we've completely overhauled Coffeebar Online. 

What this means

It's like all the best things of being inside of any one of our locations without waiting in any line - plus, you’ll (hopefully) have an outlet all to yourself.



Step into any of our cafes and you’ll feel how they practically vibrate with hustle and crazy caffeinated, creative energy. Like a home away from home, our bold, badass Hospitalians set the bar for delicious coffee and cultivating inimitable community hubs.  We’re excited to now offer that same community hub, online.



Coffeebar Online is yet another, living, breathing hub of creativity, passion, and dedication to coffee, community and farm-to-table food; the same things we’ve lived by throughout the years. Just without the brick and mortar. There's still beautiful people all over it - don't worry about that.


The Shop

Now we’re able to provide a radically inclusive café experience right in your hand (or lap), with an overhauled shopping experience we built from the ground up - with you at the forefront of our redesign.
You asked, we delivered. Hand-picked, roasted, tasted and bagged by those behind the bar, we’ll deliver our freshest roasts straight to your doorstep. From our original house blend, the AeroPress its brewed in, the kleen kanteen you take it in, to even the shirt you’ll try not to spill it on, we’ll provide all the tools you need to make and enjoy our freshest cuppa joe, on the go.   We’re excited to make these more accessible to you all.  
And as a housewarming gift, feel free to use the code LIONCLUB at checkout to receive 10% off your purchase.
Now, make yourself at home.  Turn on your favorite music, brew yourself a cup (or two), and indulge in what we've built for you. 🍺☕️
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