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Vertical is an idea. Rather than just a coffee shop or a roaster, it’s an experiment.  


It's a search for a different, better way of doing things. It’s a concept where quality goes hand in hand with intentional sourcing, and partnering with importers who are focused on the big things.  Big things like long-term relationships, origin commitment, and more sustainable sourcing methodologies.

Its about having connection with your productof knowing it intimately from the beginning to the end of its journey, is the cornerstone on which everything we do is built. 

Even beyond that though, Vertical is a way to tell a story.


A story not only of the producers and their hard work to create the raw product, but also of the importers and their passion to be forever seeking ways to improve their work and the impact they can have at origin.

A story of the roasters who lie awake at night wondering how to coax the most out of those green coffee beans, and of the baristas, whose craft turns a drink into art. 

With a supply chain that literally circles the globe, coffee has the ability to positively affect many lives, and in turn to be affected by passionate people at every stage of its journey.

Vertical is our way of honoring that passion and commitment at all levels of the supply chain. And then of sharing that story.

Because it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.


We’re all inveterate storytellers. We're just lucky enough to find the story we want to tell. 

Psst… We’re launching three signature coffees with our dear friends at Vertical Coffee Roasters! Look out for it in December 2017. Follow us on Instagram @coffeebar for updates.

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