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The Biggest Little Blend: Curly Wolf

Community is the family you choose. 


At Coffeebar, we're lucky; our workplace is a buzzy, creative hub where people from all facets of the community come together for an experience that is one part routine and two parts exceptional. Over the past decade, customers have become our extended family of renegade creators, rule breakers, trailblazers, and, in some cases, partners!
Two of those people were Collin Bernard and Christian Webber, Reno natives and UNR alum (go Pack!). Together they created Curly Wolf, a lifestyle brand with an ethos and design sensibility we couldn't resist. We were stoked when they asked us to team up and develop a specialty blend that is high quality yet approachable. 
The Biggest Little Blend was designed to warm your bones during cool desert mornings, inspired by none other than the humble cup of diner coffee.
Can you introduce yourselves, Curly Wolf, and the motivation to start this company?


Curly Wolf is an American Made lifestyle brand based in Reno, Nevada, inciting confidence and preserving the Western identity through high quality goods. The two were motivated to start the company by their passion for fashion, culture, and history. 
What does "We're All Passengers" mean?


Our branding statement is "We're All Passengers" because we're big believers that no matter what background, lifestyle, or goals one has, at the end of the day, we're all passengers on this ride called life.
Why did you want your own blend of coffee, and why is Coffeebar your choice of roaster?
Curly Wolf sought to create and design its own blend of coffee because as a lifestyle brand, we wanted to deliver to our customers a fantastic cup of brew that could start their day feeling confident and invigorated. Rolling out our own coffee also pays homage to the routine of pouring up coffee bright and early each day before a Passenger starts their journey that day in the West. Coffeebar was our choice of roaster because in addition to being customers ourselves for many years, we found the esteemed quality of the coffee, paired with the company's commitment to sustainable practices and local business aligned with our vision for our product. 
The Biggest Little Blend shines on drip -- so no need to bring any fancy brewing equipment on your journeys out west (wouldn't be very Cowboy/Cowgirl anyways.) It is now available online at Curly Wolf as part of their Mesquite collection of apparel, goods and accessories. This blend was created in partnership with our importer partners De la Gente, Catalyst Trade and Sustainable Harvest
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