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Giuseppe Leone

Pitch Black Printing

Introducing Pitch Black Printing. Coffeebar has been utilizing their professional services for some time, and now we’re proud to partner with them for their new Café called Jet Café!


We interviewed owners Megan and Maurice to find out more about their business, and their motivations to start serving coffee.


Why did you open pitch black, and what inspired the name?


We opened Pitch Black Printing Co. as a way to support our local arts community. We have a lot of artist friends, and we wanted to offer them a place to discuss their print options, see samples, feel the papers in person, and ultimately build a collaboration with innovative solutions that amplify their artwork. With that goal in mind, our role is intended to be a solid background for an artist’s work to pop out from… a Pitch Black background, if you will… :)



What do you specialize in?


We specialize in artwork reproduction and photography prints. Over the years we have added a vast array of commercial printing services, as well, so I suppose you could say our specialty is offering unique ideas that allow printed products to stand out from the competition.


Tell us about the gallery


The Pitch Black Printing Co. gallery produces art shows with original art by local and regional artists, as well as offering a retail space for prints and small goods by those artists. Our shows rotate on a monthly schedule, exhibiting group shows centering around a particular theme throughout the year with solo art shows in between.



What is the motivation to open the coffee cart?


We have a beautiful gallery offering a peek at what the area’s visual artists have to offer. The more eyeballs we can get on those pieces the better we support our arts community and allow for them to continue producing and showing us all the unique ways they see the world around us all. In adding a coffee cart to the gallery space, we offer a creative and inviting environment in which to get some work done and grab a tasty beverage while you’re at it.


What will you be serving? 


We’ll be serving some staples (coffees, espressos, teas, etc.), but we’re really excited about a rotating specialty drink menu including delicious coffee and tea based smoothies, mocktails, and all sorts of fun concoctions.



Why did you choose Coffeebar as your supplier?


Coffeebar is such a strong communal supporter in a way that aligns so well with our values and our place within the community. Add that to a wealth of quality, expertise, and leadership in coffee, and what better partner could we find?


Pitch Black Printing is located at:

700 E 4th St, Reno NV 89512



Open 7 Days from 7am to 6pm


Coffeebar Offerings:


Zephyr for Espresso

Giuseppe for Dark Roast drip

Rotating Vertical Reserve Single Origins for Medium Roast drip and Pourover

Prima Donna Decaf for both Drip and Espresso

12oz Whole Bean Options = all of the above!

Online ordering:


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