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Giuseppe Leone

Davidson’s Organic Tea

We know ‘coffee’ is in our name, but let’s be real. Coffeebar wouldn’t be Coffeebar without our signature house-made chai and lavender tea lattes.

Our tea program is a big (and much beloved) part of what we do, and key to that success is our partnership with local tea icons Davidson’s Organics.


We started working with Davidson’s in 2017 when we were also launching our roasting program and wanted to find a more sustainable, local tea supplier to complement the Vertical Sourcing philosophy we apply to our coffee. Davidson’s was a natural fit as they serve up kickass, responsibly sourced teas – many from their own tea gardens in India – and they’re based in Sparks, just a 15-minute drive from our Reno cafes.



And we did more than just upgrade the basics. We’ve worked with Davidson’s to develop custom blends for our cafes – Giuseppe Chai, Tahoe Sunshine, and Mountain Mornings – and launch our first line up of loose-leaf teas for home, taking our tea program further than we ever have before (literally).


Watch our video to hear the story of our partnership from Coffeebar Founder Greg Buchheister:




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