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At the Bar: Charlie Linch

Walking through The Stem is a sensory experience. Nestled in Reno's Historic Old Post Office, the little flower and succulent shop is a concept brought to Reno by Bay Area native Charlie Linch.

"Reno has always been the backyard of my life, both literally and figuratively. I have wonderful memories of summers with family, being stuck on Highway 80, inner tube rides on irrigation waterways, and listening to Rod Stewart on repeat in my uncle's basement."

The Stem is a special little corner of Reno, where its unique value proposition pushes  visitors to look beyond the average terrarium or vase and into their own imagination.

The aesthetic at The Stem can perhaps best be described as the Tahoe forest meets a European flea market. Working with foraged pieces of wood, found vessels, and locally-sourced succulents, flowers, plants and cacti, Charlie creates custom and ready-to-buy arrangements that feel like living, breathing art pieces.

"Part of the experience I wanted to create is the freedom to create your own expression," says Charlie.

"From driftwood to a beautiful succulent to a vintage teacup, you have the ability to mix and match to fill your mood, occasion or lifestyle. My intention is to renew everyone's love of flowers and plants." 

"None of this would be possible without the amazing people I've met here."

"I love that my work can be seen as art. The mountains that surround this little city is a constant source of inspiration. Not to mention the amazing strangers (now great friends) that have gone scavenging for wood with me or encouraged me to push harder. None of this would be possible without the amazing people I've met here. So there's definitely more to come." 

Charlie's succulent pieces will be featured at Coffeebar Reno until December 2017. You can visit Charlie and The Stem at 50 South Virginia St. in Downtown Reno's local marketplace, The Basement.
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